Basel International Online Vocal Competition 2023

Application Guidelines

Applicationopens : August 5th, 2022

Preliminary round Application Deadline: March 3rd, 2023

Preliminary round Results Announcement: March 20th, 2023

Final round Application Deadline:April 10th, 2023 

Final round  Results Announcement: May15th, 2023

Screening Format: Entirely online (performance videos for each round are to be uploaded on YouTube and set as “unlisted”) 



The competition is open for all singers of all nations. 

  1. High school student  (15 to 18 years old)
  2. College and Graduate Student (18 to 26 years old)
  3. Young Artist (26 to 32 years old)
  4. Professional (33 years old and up - no age limit)
  5. Amateur (A. 20 to 39 years old, B. 40 to 59 years old, C. 60 years old and above )
  6. Musical(A. Under 15 years old, B. 16years old to 19 years old, C. 20 years old to 26years old, D. 27 years old to 35 years old  ) 

*There are no restrictions on educational background or past awards.

*Category “college and graduate students” includes those who are currently studying vocal music at universities or educational institutions that are considered equivalent, or personally with vocal teachers.

*Participants of the 1st and 2nd Basel International Online Vocal Competition (2021&2022) are eligible to apply again, except for the one awarded Grand Prix in this competition.

*Age limit for each category refers to the applicant's age at the time of application deadline for the preliminary round.




KS Vesselina Kasarova  Special jury, Mezzo-soprano of the world, the best of our time, from Bulgaria *

Prof. Qilian CHEN  Soprano, professor at Shanghai Conservatory of Music    **

Rolf ROMEI   Tenor, exclusive singer soloist at Basel Opera*

Leonid MAXIMOV       Basel Opera repetitor

Edit SIEGFRIED-SZABO Soprano, voice teacher, founder of SupraleitungMethode

Shoko FUKUDA Dramatic soprano, member of Tokyo Nikikai and Kansai Nikikai,

president of Nihonbashi Opera

Yoshiaki KIMURA Bass baritone,  exclusive singer soloist at the Stadttheater Bielefeld

Masayo KIMURA  Soprano, associate professor at Ohka-gakuen university,

part-time  lecturer at Nagoya College of Music and Doho Senior High School of Music, 

member of Biwako Hall Vocal Ensemble and Tokyo Nikikai

Shizuko KINOSHITA Repetitor, pianist at New National Theater and

Opera Training Institute of Nikikai, a lecturer at New National Theater Opera Training Institute, 

Jury of Musical category  

Shinsuke TAJIRI    Conductor  ***


(*) Judging for the final round in 3. Young Artist, 4. Professional

(**) Judging for the preliminary and final round in 2. College and Graduate Student, 3. Young Artist, and 4. Professional

(***) Judging for only Musical category


Noriko KAWAMURA     Basel International Online Vocal Competition , Executive Committee   Chairperson

Yoshiaki Kimura, Junko Takenouchi    Basel International Online Vocal Competition,  Vice-chairperson of the executive committee



A. Oratorio Arias   B. Songs  C. Opera Arias  D. Operetta Arias   E. Musical works

Baroque ( 1600 - 1750 around ), Classical ( 1750 - 1820 around  ),

Romanticism ( 1820-1920 around  ) , Modern and Contemporary ( 1920 onwards - including musical works )


  • Selected pieces must be performed in the original version and language. However, customarily accepted languages are acceptable.
  • For all categories, pieces must be performed with piano accompaniment (exception: solo, unaccompanied pieces).
  • If you choose to perform a piece from B.Songs, you may transpose the piece from the original key.
  • You may also perform works including other instruments (example: Hirt auf dem Felsen by Schubert).
  • You may cut the introduction or interlude of the piece when they are long.
  • All selected pieces must be performed with classical vocal techniques.
  • For musical works, be sure to include the title of the work and the name of the role. Original or translated versions are acceptable. 
  • Works that can be classified as musical works are qualified as E category.



Process of the Competition

Preliminary Round: repertoire is free of choice in all categories (maximum 6 min) 

Final Round: 

  1. High school students (max. 8 min)
  2. College and graduate Student (max. 10 min)
  3. Young Artist (max. 10 min)
  4. Professional (max. 12 min)
  5. Amateur (max. 8 min)
  6. Musical (max. 8 min) 


  • Contestants who have passed the preliminary round for category 1. and 5. must perform two pieces in the final round. The selected pieces must be in two different languages (including their native language). And pieces are to be selected from Repertoire A. to D.  The combination of the selected songs is free.
  • Contestants who have passed the preliminary round for categories 2, 3, and 4 must perform at least two pieces in the final round. The selected pieces must be in multiple foreign languages (including native languages) , and pieces are to be selected from Repertoire A. to D. The combination of the selected songs is free.
  • Contestants who have passed the preliminary round for category 6 must perform two pieces selected from Repertoire E. in the final round. 
  • For all contestants, no piece should be repeated in preliminary and final rounds.
  • Videos of the preliminary round will be accepted for re-submission of ones that have been previously submitted.
  • The definition of “Amateur” for this competition implies one who is not currently working as a professional opera singer.


How to apply 

  • In general, we only accept online applications via the "formrun system”
  • The entry number will be issued. after Januar 20th,2023.
  • Please make sure that you can receive emails from “formrun system” and “ ”(Please be sure to check your email to ensure that it is not received in your spam mail.)
  • Proof of age verification (student ID, driver's license, passport, etc.) and a copy of the application form must be attached.
  • Videos of the Final round should basically be recorded after January 2022.
  • Videos for the Final round must be recorded for this competition with a piano accompaniment.
  • However, only for the Preliminary round, resubmission of videos entered in the 1st and 2nd Basel International online Vocal Competition, or videos from 2020 onwards will be accepted.
  • Orchestral accompaniment is permitted only for the preliminary round.
  • The performance must be recorded in a music studio, salon, large/small hall, practice room, at home, etc.
  • All the pieces must be performed from memory.
  • While recording, applicants must perform facing forward and the upper body or the whole body should be visible.
  • The accompanist should also be visible in the video recording.
  • No voice processing or editing is allowed. (Voice effects, etc.)
  • In principle, video footage added to audio recordings only is not permitted. (Do not record separately.)
  • The state of the recording will also be taken into consideration in the screening process.
  • The performance video should be sent as a YouTube link. (please make sure to change the privacy setting to “unlisted”).
  • Keep to the designated performance time for each category.
  • The video should be recorded at an adjustable volume.
  • A remote performance or performing with a pre-recorded accompaniment is permitted due to the current situation with COVID-19. (However, free accompaniment on the internet or any other material that falls under copyright law must not be used.)
  • Applicants who wish to perform copyrighted works must individually apply for and obtain performance rights in advance.

(Since copyright laws differ from country to country, if you perform a copyrighted work, you must apply in advance and pay for it yourself.) 

  • Recording for the preliminary round must be made as one video. For the final round, it is allowed to submit one video or as separate ones for each piece.
  • It is not allowed to reupload or make changes to the videos after submitting the application.
  • It is not allowed to delete videos without instructions after the application has been submitted.
  • The order of application does not affect the final results.
  • The deadline for application is 12p.m. Japan time (JST). (As a rule, applications will not be accepted after 12:00 p.m. (JST))
  • Please prepare your application and recordings well in advance.
  • If an error occurs during the web application process, please send the application form by email.
  • Incomplete entries may result in point reductions.
  • Be sure to check for updates on the competition website.



Participation Fee

Preliminary Round and Final Round: Entry Fee

Final Round (with detailed feedback from the jury)

  1. High school students  13,000 JPY  (approx. 95 EUR)
  2. College and Graduate Student 14,000 JPY  (approx. 102 EUR)
  3. Young Artist  14,000 JPY  (approx. 102 EUR)
  4. Professional  15,000 JPY  (approx. 109 EUR)
  5. Amateur (A, B, C)  13,000 JPY  (approx. 95 EUR)
  6. Musical A. B. C. D. E.   13,000JPY  (approx. 95 EUR)

 Concurrent application: possible only for the Musical Division 18,000 yen

The 1st and 2nd Basel International Online Vocal Compettion entrants must indicate this in the remarks  column when applying.

*Euro conversion (as of April 11, 2022)

*The number of reviewers differs depending on the category.




*Please submit the participation fee by PayPal through our website.

(Please complete the payment procedure in the “payment method” section.)




・Grand Prix:  300,000 JPY  (approx. 2,196 EUR)

・Semi-Grand Prix:  200,000 JPY  (approx. 1,464 EUR)

・Best Opera Prize:  100,000 JPY  (approx. 732 EUR)

・Best Songs Prize:   70,000JPY   (approx. 512 EUR)

・Best Oratorio Prize: 50,000JPY  (approx. 366 EUR)

・Best Musical Prize:  50,000JPY  (approx. 366 EUR)

・Supraleitung Methode Prize: 30,000 JPY (approx. 219 EUR)

・Accompanist Prize (under 38 years old):  30,000 JPY (approx. 219 EUR)

・1st  to 3rd prize winners in each category will receive a monetary award and a certificate.

*Total prize money: 1.5 million JPY/ approx. 10981 EUR)

* Japanese Yen to Euro conversion rate as of April 11th, 2022

*The stated prize money will be awarded to the entrants as determined by the Executive Committee.

*The Executive committee reserves the right, at its discretion, not to award the prize, to change the rules, or to reduce or split the prize money among multiple entrants. 


Supplementary prize

・The prize winners' concert of Basel International Online Vocal Competition is held every year at the Tokyo Opera City Recital Hall.



   Invitation to perform in the prizewinner's concert, airfare and accommodation paid by the organizer, no ticket quota


Semi-Grand Prix:

   Invitations to perform in the prizewinner's concert, accommodation expenses to be covered  by the organizer


Young Artist and Professional (First prize in each of the category):

  Invitation to perform in the prizewinner's concert, no ticket quota


Accompanist Prize:

  Invitation to the prizewinners' concert as official accompanists


Supraleitung Methode Prize:

  Book presentation and invitation to the concerts of General Incorporated Association of Supraleitung Methode Japan  (no ticket quota, except for “Amateur” ).


Edit Siegfried-Szabo:  

  Master Class participation fee will be waived (for a few of the Encouragement Prize winners)


Master classes for voice and piano at Haus Marteu, Germany, registration fee will be waived

Outstanding  performance Prize: Gift card

Encouragement Prize:

   A commemorative gift

 The details of the supplementary prizes will be updated on the website as needed.




A paper certificate will be sent by mail to those who reside in Japan. International applicants will receive an electronic certificate.

*However, foreign prizewinners in top three places in each category will be awarded certificates by mail.

*Once issued, award certificates may not be reissued.

*In the event that a national prize winner does not perform at the prizewinners' concert;

The prize certificate will be issued for a fee. (3,000 yen including postage.)

Translation is not required.


Terms of Participation

  • The copyright of all content regarding the competition published on the internet, newspapers, magazines and other media belongs to “Basel International Online Vocal Competition 2023”.
  • Applications will only be accepted via online application form (formrun system). We do NOT accept applications via mail.
  • The results of the preliminary and final rounds must be confirmed individually by the contestants on our website.
  • A detailed feedback from the jury for the final round will be sent via email approximately two months after the end of the competition.
  • The prize money will be transferred by wire transfer within two months after the competition.
  • In case of overseas transfer, prize money will be awarded in total of the written amount including transaction fees. 
  • The performance videos of the prize winners will be open to the public. (Privacy settings of the videos uploaded on YouTube must be changed from “unlisted” to “public”.)
  • If the performance video is deleted without instruction during the competition period, the contestant will be disqualified from the competition.
  • If the video is deleted without instruction after the prize money has been awarded, the prize money will be returned and the prize will be forfeited.
  • In the event that a contestant is found to have misrepresented his or her age or educational background, the contestant will be disqualified from the competition and the prize will be forfeited.
  • In case of force majeure (natural disaster, war, civil war, etc.), the competition may be canceled.
  • The application period may be postponed depending on the situation with COVID-19.
  • The Executive Committee has a right to change the terms and conditions if world conditions require such a change.
  • Personal information of all contestants will be strictly managed by the Executive Committee.
  • After the application is submitted, no refunds will be accepted for any reason.
  • No objections to the scoring method, prize money, or other inquiries will be accepted.


Secretariat of Basel International Online Vocal Competition


Basel International Online Music Competition

General Incorporated Association Supraleitung Methode Japan

Supported by: Embassy of Switzerland in Japan, Japan Mozart Society, Obu Chamber of Commerce and Industry 

 Entry until August 5th, 2023
 Entry until August 5th, 2023 
 Entry until October 31st, 2023
Entry until Ocober 31st,2023
 Entry until November 5th,2023